LOST & FOUND, China 2018

LOST & FOUND, Chengdu 2018,

Performance and Installation; painting, video, photos, objects

For the exhibition in Sichuan Museum Ulrika Eller-Rüter produced a site-specific light and shadow installation and  performance focused on lost shoes she salvaged from the muddy soil of the ruins of Wen Xing factory in Chengdu. They tell a story about life, they tell the stories about the people who wore the shoes at the time the factory was in operation, the shoes also tell stories about the environment, the place and the history of the old and destroyed building where wind and weather, plants and animals are at work changing it step by step back to nature again.

Ulrika Eller-Rüter shows the shoes in a new light. They are rechargeable because of a special paint, as are the paintings that are installed as scenery around them.

To fill the installation with life and change it into a double reality a shadow performance took place in the installation in cooperation with the Dance Department of Sichuan University. So different cultures worked together. The artist herself performed different musical works as a singer together with a Chinese singer she had met a week before and Friedemann Geisler (piano, percussion). They will perform different compositions of classical music and a Chinese folk song, including songs from “Stabat Mater” by Italian composer Giovanni Battista,  Pergolesi from the Baroque  era,  and the composition “Der Erlkönig” written by the famous German poet Goethe and melodized by composer Franz Schubert, who lived in the European romantic period.



Ulrika Eller-Rüter: concept, voice, installation

Dance director: Zam I Del

Friedemann Geisler: piano, percussion

Zhang Xiaoling: voice

Dancers: Zhang Beining, Sujing Wen, Wang Qingyyi, Xulian Aie, Zeng Meiyi, Huan Iqian, Dong Yimglu (Dancing Department Sichuan University)